Recently I have been using the Elektron Model:Samples a lot. It takes the role of beat and sample player in my new solo setup. You can have a glimpse of that at my instagramm channel on @inquilino_606 .

The thing is – with 64 MB of active RAM, the Elektron Model:Samples is not equipped with a lot of sample space. Taking the standard 16Bit, 48kHz which all Samples are converted to, you have 11 min, 6 sec and 666 msec. Calulated according to Audio Duration Calculator by Colin Crawley.

As I started the NoiseAmbientJazz-Project, I needed long samples for huge pads. And 11 min just won't cut it – especially if you plan to use stereo samples (using up two tracks on the device). So what to do?

When you upload anything to the Elektron Model:Samples, it will convert the sample to 16bit/48kHz no matter what. So you can't do a sample rate convert before uploading to safe space.

Below I have converted the sample to 24kHz sampkle rate. When uploading, it will get converted back to 48k, doubling the file size.

So the "trick" is to just set the sample rate to double the the actual rate. So 48k becomes 96k. When you play it back now, it plays double the speed.

And now export it as 16 Bit Microsoft Wave File.

If you upload that, you can see the size is correct this time.

What you have essentially done is doubled the playback speed, leaving out every other sample.

So if you play it back, you have to put it it down one octave (12 semitones) so it sounds normal.